Red Color Pert Pipe

MOQ: 500 M / Each Size

PE-RT is a medium-density polyethylene produced by a special molecular design and synthesis process. It retains the good flexibility, high thermal conductivity and inertia of PE, and at the same time makes it more pressure resistant. EEJIA pert pipes is corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, low heat loss, energy saving and environmental protection, flexible and easy to bend, good fluid mechanics performance, and long service life.

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EEJIA Pert Pipe Specification

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Interpretation of nouns

“S”: S is the symbol of the tube series,S5, S4, S3.2, S2.5, S2, the smaller the number following the S, the greater the wall thickness.

“PN”: PN is the working pressure, S5, S4, S3.2, S2.5, S2, these five series can withstand the pressure of 1.25MPA, 1.6MPA, 2MPA, 2.5MPA, and 3.2MPA respectively.

“20*2.8”: 20 Outer diameter of the pipe, 2.8 is the thickness of the pipe.the unit is mm.

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