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EEJIA PPR pipes series are made of Korea Hyosung high-density PPR raw materials, strictly in accordance with the European Union drinking water standards, high temperature and high pressure resistant, can be used not only for domestic hot and cold water piping systems, but also for pure drinking water systems.

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High quality plumbing PP-R pipes,hot and cold water pipes.high pressure resistance,aging resistance.used for home improvement and engineering,Various colors can be customized according to your request.wholesale factory bulk sale price

hot And Cold Water Supply Ppr Pipes And Fittings Price List

Green Color PPR Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

Plastic PPR Pipe Tube 20-160mm Cold&Hot Water Supply Pn25 PPR Pipe

nanometer anti-bacterial PPR pipe

MOQ:500 M / Each size

China Pipe Manufacturer Wholesale Custom white Color Ppr Water Pipe Hot Water Ppr Pipe

White Color PPR Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

Competitive PP PP-R Pipes And Fittings PPR Plastic Tubes Prices Germany Standard Green Pipes For Cold And cold Water PPR Pipe

Cold Water PPR Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

hot selling manufacturers customized PPR water pipe

Hot Water PPR Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

CE Green White Color Water Pluming Elbow PPR Pipe Fitting Ppr Equal Elbow

PP-R Pipes Fittings

MOQ:500 PCS / Each size

Tools Series

MOQ:10 Set

why choose EEJIA PPR Pipes?

1>Select Korea Hyosung PPR raw materials

Efficiently improve the anti-aging effect of pipelines

Korea Hyosung food-grade PPR raw material effectively improves the anti-aging ability of pipes. Food-grade raw materials make your living water more green, healthy and natural. Provide a strong protective barrier for you and your family’s daily life.

2>Professional mold development ability

Firm control of every step in the production of the product

Any size and shape you want, we can arrange professional masters to match with you and help you solve the problems in construction. Meanwhile, the strong mould development ability helps you win the market opportunity and earn the most lucrative profit. Come to customise your own logo brand ppr pipe!

get your brand pipe & fittings

3>Strictly implement EU certified production standards

High standard production process line

All products are CE certified. Passed the following tests in the laboratory, high temperature and high pressure tests, (can reach 95° high temperature.) 365 days Static pressure test, etc. For more test results, please contact us for more information.Strict implementation of 6 standards: wall thickness up to standard, pressure up to standard, length up to standard, calibre up to standard, environmental protection up to standard

EEJIA ppr pipes and fittings Specifications

Comparison table of international common sizes and Chinese standards

Diameter: 20MM 25MM 32MM 40MM 50MM 63MM 75MM 90MM 110MM

Inch :1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch 1 1/4 Inch 1 1/2 Inch 2 Inch 2 1/2 Inch 3 Inch 4 Inch

EEJIA ppr pipes & fittings Customization process

Convenient, fast and prompt, get customized samples within 5 steps

  1. Customized mold, about 10- 20 days. laser marking logo within 7 days.
  2. Communicate requirements, dimensions and material, confirm the cost.
  3. Custom design, according to the requirements of the design, and then photographed or videotaped for your confirmation.

  4. Payment of deposit and arrangement of production。
  5. photo and video call for goods checking before delivery.
Full Size Plastic Green Color PPR Pipe Tube 20-160mm Cold&Hot Water Pn25 Plastic PPR Pipe

Simple way to judge the quality of PPR water pipe good or bad

In fact, we can understand from the following aspects

1. Solderability
PPR water pipe in the welding process, if the raw material used is not good, it is easy to cause the material to melt and become thin and soft, thus causing poor welding, resulting in later leakage, reduced water flow, and even pipe blockage and other problems.
It can be said that easy to weld is a crucial performance characteristics of PPR water pipe, which is the key point of the quality of PPR water pipe.

2. Transparency
The identification method is also very simple, find a darker place, take the flash of the mobile phone to look for can see the difference.The significance of tightly controlled light transmission for PPR water pipes is that it prevents the growth of algae plants in the water. Poor-quality water pipes with substandard light transmission can harbour a large number of algae plants if exposed to sunlight for a long period of time.

3. Pipe wall thickness
The wall thickness of the water pipe is related to the actual pressure-bearing capacity of the water pipe, although the actual pressure-bearing capacity of the water pipe mainly depends on the mechanical properties of the PPR raw materials, but on the basis of the same material, the thicker the wall thickness of the water pipe, the better the pressure-bearing capacity must be. The larger the diameter of the general pipe, the larger the flow, so the required wall thickness also increases, which is the basic principle of pipe design.

Main application scenarios of PPR pipes

Typically, the following scenarios are used

PPR pipes are widely used in building water supply and drainage, urban and rural water supply and drainage, city gas, electric power and fibre optic cable sheathing, industrial fluid transport agricultural irrigation and other construction industry, municipal, industrial and agricultural fields. Compared with the traditional cast iron pipe, galvanised steel pipe, cement pipe and other pipes, it has the advantages of energy-saving and material-saving, environmental protection, lightweight and high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall without scaling, easy construction and maintenance, and long service life.

Which is better, ppr pipe single layer or double layer, would you choose?

ppr two-layer pipe structure is generally ppr water pipe and the inner layer of the combination of antibacterial tube, bactericidal is relatively strong, and double ppr tube is thicker to effectively block the light source to prevent moss produced within the pipe wall, but also reduce the growth of bacteria, it sounds like it is foolproof, but do not ignore the low heat resistance of the two-layer water pipe, and the single-layer ppr water pipe compared to the two-layer water pipe heat resistance is lower a lot.

Most of the time the water temperature reaches about 75 degrees double water pipe is not applicable. For the choice of double-layer pipe and single-layer pipe, it is recommended that the cold water pipe selection of double-layer pipe, hot water pipe can be used single-layer pipe, so that not only can extend the service life of the water pipe.

Why are ppr pipes different colours and what's the difference?

Common ppr pipes are available in green, orange, white, blue, grey and other colours, and can also be customised in any colour.

Currently on the market the common ppr pipe colour white, grey, and even blue, orange, yellow, etc., the key factor for the different pipe colours is the production of different colours added to the “masterbatch”. The key raw materials of masterbatches include: carrier, colouring agent and additives. The carrier is the key component of the masterbatch, and its key role is to carry the colourant and disperse it into the plastic to change the colour. Colorant is the key component of masterbatches, which makes the masterbatches show different colours; additives are less in content, generally to help the colorant dispersion or to get some special properties, such as antioxidant, light stabilization and so on.

Pure ppr raw material is in fact colourless and transparent, and there is no colour, so that made of pipeline due to the light is not covered at all, will be more likely to cause the growth of algae and bacteria in the pipeline, and then cause pollution to the water quality, and at the same time will also accelerate the aging of the pipeline, the overall impact on the service life of the ppr pipeline. Therefore, according to the requirements of national standards, ppr pipe production and manufacturing, must be added to the masterbatch, so that the pipeline to get good shading performance!

Custom design ppr plastic tubes PN12.5/16/20/25 full size plumbing pipe ppr pipe

Advantages of ppr water pipe

ppr pipe is a green, healthy and environmentally friendly water supply pipe.

  • 1:Light weight Density at 20 ℃ is 0.90g/cm3, the weight is only one-ninth of the steel pipe, one-tenth of the copper pipe, light weight, greatly reducing the construction intensity.
  • 2:Good heat resistance With an instantaneous use temperature of 95°C and a long-term use temperature of up to 75°C, it is currently the ideal indoor hot and cold water pipeline.
  • 3:Corrosion resistance It is chemically inactive against common ionic compounds in water and chemicals in buildings, and will not rust or corrode.
  • 4:Low thermal conductivity With good thermal insulation properties, additional insulation is generally not required when used in hot water systems.
  • 5:Low pipe resistance The smooth inner wall of the pipe allows for less resistance along the way and lower energy consumption than metal pipes.
  • 6:Firm pipe connections With good heat fusion performance, heat fusion connection will be the same material pipe and pipe fittings connected to a whole, to eliminate the hidden danger of water leakage.
  • 7:health and hygiene In the production, construction and use of the process will not cause great environmental pollution, at the same time can be anti-bacterial, anti-rust. Reduce bacteria and diseases in the drinking water circulation.

What are the inspection standards for ppr pipe?

EEJIA ppr pipe inspection standard

1. Wall thickness standard

Outer diameter determines the wall thickness of the pipe, the outer diameter of 20, wall thickness of 2.8; the outer diameter of 25, wall thickness of 3.5; the outer diameter of 32, wall thickness of 4.4; the outer diameter of 40, wall thickness of 5.5. Not the same as the outer diameter of the decision is not the same as the wall thickness, not to be confused.

2. Pressure up to standard

Pipe series is not the same, naturally its pressure is also different, usually, S5 series of ppr pipe, the pressure of 1.0Mpa; S4 series of ppr pipe pressure of 1.25Mpa; S3.2 series of ppr pipe pressure of 1.6Mpa. to meet these standards, the pipe is qualified.

3. Length standard

In China’s pipe market, PPR pipes are generally 25/40/50/100 (metres/roll) and so on, these lengths are produced. EEJIA is manufactured according to this standard. If you have special requirements, you can contact us to get customised lengths

4. The SIZE is up to standard

EEJIA ppr pipe size is roughly divided into 20/25/32/40/50/63/75/90/110; of course, there is another corresponding call is 1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch 1 1/4 Inch 1 1/2 Inch 2 Inch 2 1/2 Inch 3 Inch 4 Inch

5. Environmental certification

EEJIA’s ppr pipes and fittings are CE certified, and have also obtained the certification of European environmental standards. Please feel free to enquire!

we care about the healthy & quality

EEJIA Bring you better quality of life and protection

Raw material selection to quality control are strictly controlled, so that every promise has practical technical support. Protect the health and safety of you and your family.
Dedicated to serving all household water supply systems worldwide, the products are available in a wide range of calibres.In the selection of raw materials, all the world’s high-quality raw materials are used, PPR for Feather high-density raw materials;The metal parts are made of CW617N European standard environmental protection copper.

Easy installation Reliable connection

Higher pressure and less deformation

High-quality raw materials, safe and hygienic

Energy saving, environmental protection and health

Improved anti-bacterial and self-purification performance

Hard texture Not easy to deteriorate

Guaranteed quality for 50 years

EU Export Permit Certification

Easy and fast maintenance

Designed for hot and cold water circulation systems

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