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EEJIA PPR AL PPR Pipes Series are made of Korea Hyosung high-density PPR raw materials, strictly in accordance with the European Union drinking water standards, Using 100% imported raw materials, five-layer structure,the middle layer is aluminum, the outer layer is PPR,and the inner layer is food-grade high temperature resistant PE. It combines the advantages of metal and plastic pipes. Any bending without rebound, any length without waste.

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all kinds of ppr AL ppr pipes

High quality plumbing PPR-AL-PPR Pipes,hot and cold water pipes.high pressure resistance,aging resistance.used for home improvement and engineering,Various colors can be customized according to your request.wholesale factory bulk sale price.

Custom design ppr plastic tubes PN12.5/16/20/25 full size ppr-al-ppr pipe plumbing pipe

Green Color cold water PPR AL PPR Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

Wholesale Multilayer Pipe Ppr Al Ppr Pipe 1/2 3/4 Laser logo 16mm Ppr Tube

Blue Color PPR AL PPR Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

High quality white and green PN12.5/16/20/25 full size plastic tubes plumbing pipe ppr-al-ppr pipe

White hot water PPR AL PPR Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

High density plumbing pipe hot and cold water plastic ppr-al-ppr pipe

Orange Color PPR AL PPR Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

why choose EEJIA PPR AL PPR Pipes?

1>Select Korea Hyosung PPR raw materials

Efficiently improve the anti-aging effect of pipelines

Korea Hyosung food-grade PPR raw material effectively improves the anti-aging ability of pipes. Food-grade raw materials make your living water more green, healthy and natural. Provide a strong protective barrier for you and your family’s daily life.

2>Professional mold development ability

Firm control of every step in the production of the product

Any size and shape you want, we can arrange professional masters to match with you and help you solve the problems in construction. Meanwhile, the strong mould development ability helps you win the market opportunity and earn the most lucrative profit. Come to customise your own logo brand ppr pipe!

get your brand pipe

3>Strictly implement EU certified production standards

High standard production process line

All products are CE certified. Passed the following tests in the laboratory, high temperature and high pressure tests, (can reach 95° high temperature.) 365 days Static pressure test, etc. For more test results, please contact us for more information.

EEJIA ppr aL ppr pipes and fittings Specifications

Comparison table of international common sizes and Chinese standards

Diameter: 20MM 25MM 32MM 40MM 50MM 63MM 75MM 90MM 110MM

Inch :1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch 1 1/4 Inch 1 1/2 Inch 2 Inch 2 1/2 Inch 3 Inch 4 Inch

EEJIA ppr aL ppr pipes and fittings Customization process

Convenient, fast and prompt, get customized samples within 5 steps

  1. Customized mold, about 10- 20 days. laser marking logo within 7 days.
  2. Communicate requirements, dimensions and material, confirm the cost.
  3. Custom design, according to the requirements of the design, and then photographed or videotaped for your confirmation.

  4. Payment of deposit and arrangement of production。
  5. photo and video call for goods checking before delivery.
high quality ppr-al-ppr plastic pipe white and green

ppr AL ppr pipes Application field

More flexible than ordinary ppr pipes and easier to install

  • Domestic water, condensed water, oxygen, compressed air.
  • Other chemical liquid pipelines.
  • Hot water and heating pipeline system.
  • Transport natural gas, liquefied gas, gas pipeline system

This kind of pipe has the advantages of plastic pipes and metal pipes. It can be said that the advantages of plastic pipes and metal pipes are combined to improve the performance of the pipe as a whole.Due to the small expansion coefficient of the aluminum-plastic PPR pipe, it is not easy to cause problems such as deformation during the installation process. Moreover, due to its good toughness and high temperature resistance, it hardly needs to be repaired after installation

The difference between ppr tube and ppr aL ppr tube

From structure, to performance, to use

EEJIA ppr pipes are made from high quality imported raw materials. The structure is made of high-temperature one-time extrusion.
EEJIA ppr al ppr pipes using 100% imported raw materials, five-layer structurethe middle layer is aluminum, the outer layer is PPRand the inner layer is food-grade high temperatureresistant PPR. It combines the advantages of metaland plastic pipes. Any bending without rebound, anylength without waste.

PPR-al-ppr plastic pipe high quality white and green

Compared with ordinary ppr pipe, ppr-al-ppr is significantly better than ordinary ppr pipe in high temperature and high pressure resistance due to the different structure. At the same time, the addition of aluminium layer makes the strength higher, more difficult to deform. Almost no maintenance is needed after installation.

There is no difference between the two when it comes to connecting to fittings, both can be welded using a heat fusion welding tool.

In a wide range of pipes, ppr aluminium-plastic composite pipe, the main application in what occasions

ppr al ppr pipes is a green, healthy and environmentally friendly water supply pipe.

First of all, a brief understanding of the structure of the ppr aluminium-plastic composite pipe, ppr aluminium-plastic pipe of the basic structure of five layers, respectively, the outer layer of ppr, the middle of the two adhesive layer sandwiched between the aluminium layer, as well as the inner layer of ppr.

  1. ppr aluminium-plastic pipe is used for domestic water, condensate, oxygen, compressed air, and other chemical liquid pipelines and so on.
  2. The main function of the aluminium layer is to increase the rigidity of the pipe, and to ensure that the pipe is not deformed when passing high temperature hot water. Hot water pipes are mainly used for long-term work, water temperature of 95 degrees of hot water and heating piping system.
  3. gas pipeline, mainly used for the delivery of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas pipeline, system pipeline construction must pay attention to the relevant technical regulations.

ppr aluminium-plastic composite pipe is a combination of metal and plastic pipe, set the advantages of both in one, is a better choice for home improvement pipe.

Why PPR pipes are enduring and why they have remained the main choice for home plumbing over the years

Home improvement water supply pipe over the years experienced galvanised steel pipe, copper pipe, stainless steel pipe, UPVC pipe. And these types of pipe due to easy scaling and corrosion, brittle water seepage, high price, engineering and construction difficulties, can not take the buried pipe, not environmental protection and many other problems have long been eliminated.

At this stage, the main choice of home improvement pipeline are PPR water pipe, which in the end because of what?

PPR water pipe into the main choice of home improvement pipeline, the key to its unique advantages: low-carbon environmental protection, non-toxic non-scaling, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance, coupled with its price is not high, and its delivery, engineering and construction, and other elements of a comprehensive is also prompted to turn into the main choice of the key factors.

Excellent manufacturing process for PPR pipe also produces stronger impact resistance, more environmental protection and its fifty years as one quality, and at the same time can be stronger to give full play to its smooth, excellent process performance. In the use can be completed without scaling, no water leakage, no rust and corrosion.

EEJIA ppr pipe in the factory, after a variety of pressure tests, 5000 times cold water hot water circulation system experiments, environmental health characteristics test, bacteriological characteristics test, with inserts pipe fittings corrosion test and other systematic type test, to ensure that EEJIA series of products home improvement pipe are more than 50 years of use. EEJIA physical and mental health of the home improvement pipe only with carbon and hydrogen two kinds of elements EEJIA, focusing on high-end home improvement pipe brand, specializing in the production of PPR water supply pipe, aluminium-plastic composite pipe, gas pipe, floor heating pipe, ppr pipe fittings and brass pipe fittings.

we care about the healthy & quality

EEJIA Bring you better quality of life and protection

Raw material selection to quality control are strictly controlled, so that every promise has practical technical support. Protect the health and safety of you and your family.
Dedicated to serving all household water supply systems worldwide, the products are available in a wide range of calibres.In the selection of raw materials, all the world’s high-quality raw materials are used, PPR for Feather high-density raw materials;The metal parts are made of CW617N European standard environmental protection copper.

Easy installation Reliable connection

Higher pressure and less deformation

High-quality raw materials, safe and hygienic

Energy saving, environmental protection and health

Improved anti-bacterial and self-purification performance

Hard texture Not easy to deteriorate

Guaranteed quality for 50 years

EU Export Permit Certification

Easy and fast maintenance

Designed for hot and cold water circulation systems

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