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PERT vs PEX: The Reasons Why PERT Comes Out on Top

The popular underfloor heating pipes on the market today are mainly PEX underfloor heating pipes and PERT underfloor heating pipes.

Why do we recommend buying pert underfloor heating pipes, check out our article and you’ll get the answer!

PERT vs PEX The Reasons Why PERT Comes Out on Top

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>What are pex pipes?

PEX pipes are made by cross-linking medium-density polyethylene or high-density polyethylene (hdpe) with silane or peroxide, which improves the properties such as tensile strength, heat resistance, ageing resistance, stress cracking resistance and dimensional stability. Depending on the properties and production methods, they can be divided into four types, namely peroxide crosslinking (PE-Xa), silane crosslinking (PE-Xb), electron beam crosslinking (PE-XC) and azide crosslinking (PE-Xd). The most popular types of pex tubing on the market today are pex-a and pex-b.

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>For consumers of PEX-a vs PEX-b pipelines: what's the difference?

PEX-A has the following features:

  •  More flexible, making it expandable and suitable for fastening by cold expansion.
  •  Prevents kinking of pipework, which could render it unusable.
  • Installation with expansion fittings

PEX-B It has the following characteristics:

  •  Connecting PEX-B pipe does not require expansion tools, making installation faster and easier.
  •  Connection method is not affected by high or low temperatures.
  •  Meets the same ASTM standards as PEX-A pipe.

Comparing PEX A and PEX B, PEX A is more reliable in terms of resistance to high temperatures and pressure, and in icing due to expansion characteristics; PEX B is tougher, but less stable at low temperatures. When choosing, it is important to consider the climate. In cold regions, PEX A is preferred, and measures should be taken to protect the pipe from low temperatures.

>What are pert pipes?

Pe-rt pipe selection of high-temperature polyethylene production out, pert (polyethylene) raw materials with a unique molecular structure, is a copolymer of ethylene and octene, has a strong heat resistance and resistance to long-term static pressure, as a raw material Production of floor heating pipe manufactured for hot water use, and the smooth surface of the pipe, with good flexibility and impact resistance, good thermal conductivity and other characteristics, easy to install! The surface of the pipe is smooth, with good flexibility and impact resistance, good thermal conductivity and other characteristics, easy to install, can be welded, can be recycled (environmental protection), not easy to produce environmental pollution, is the ideal ideal geothermal heating raw materials of choice. However, in cold areas, PERT floor heating pipes may face the risk of icing expansion and rupture.

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>What's the difference between Pert vs pex underfloor heating pipes?

There are several differences between PEX underfloor heating pipes and PERT underfloor heating pipes, as follows:

-Material and production process:

PEX floor heating pipes are made of high-density polyethylene, which has good anti-aging properties and chemical stability. Its production process involves silane cross-linking.

PERT underfloor heating pipes are made of polyethylene, with special thermoplastic elastomers added to give them better heat and ageing resistance. The raw material is non-toxic and the manufacturing process does not involve cross-linking.

-Performance and characteristics:

PEX underfloor heating pipes are highly heat resistant and perform well in high temperature underfloor heating systems, such as traditional boiler heating systems. Its advantages include good durability, high compressive strength, flexibility, ease of installation, and excellent chemical resistance. However, it is relatively expensive.


PERT underfloor heating pipe is more suitable for low-temperature underfloor heating systems, such as air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and other new green energy systems. Its advantages are affordable price, stable performance, easy installation, good stability and long-term pressure resistance. In addition, PERT pipe can be hot melt connection, easy maintenance, good impact resistance, aging resistance, long life. However, its pressure resistance and high temperature resistance are slightly inferior to PEX floor heating pipe.

-Scope of use:

PERT pipe is used for underfloor heating, and can also be used for drinking water, beverages and other edible fluid production lines.

PEX pipes are mainly used for underfloor heating systems and are not recommended for drinking water and other edible fluid lines due to their cross-linked nature.

-Maintenance method:

PERT underfloor heating pipes can be repaired by heat fusion connection, and the pressure resistance after repair is the same as the original pipe.

PEX underfloor heating pipes can only be repaired using external pipe clamps.

>Why we recommend using pert underfloor heating pipes?

The production and use of PERT floor heating pipe in China has been very common, PERT floor heating pipe is made of butadiene monomer and octene monomer copolymer, is specially for heating and born of the pipeline, PERT floor heating pipe to preserve the advantages of PE environmental health can reduce the pollution of the environment as well as the advantages of the processing, while at the same time improve the high temperature and durability of a new type of pipe special type material.

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Advantages of PERT floor heating pipe:

  1. the quality of light, easy to transport, installation, engineering construction;
  2. with excellent flexibility, so that it is easy to lay, economical and efficient;

  3. strong corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, long service life;

  4. in the working temperature of 70 degrees Celsius pressure of 0.4MPa conditions, can be used safely for more than 50 years;

  5. non-toxic, odourless, good environmental health performance;
  6. floor heating pipe in the production process does not add any other harmful additives, the inner cavity is smooth, not scaling, do not breed bacteria, can be reliably used in domestic water transport.

  7. When maintenance of PE-RT pipes is considered, they can be effectively repaired by heat fusion connection.

  8. Environmental and sustainability impacts: The polyethylene material used to manufacture PE-RT pipe is recyclable and sustainable. PE-RT pipes perform well from the initial manufacturing process to end use. The manufacturing process does not produce excessive waste.

The main use of PERT floor heating pipe:

  1. Underfloor heating: pipes for underfloor heating in housing, large shopping malls, hotels, hospital outpatient clinics, sports stadiums and so on;
  2. household water supply: bathroom, hot spring flow, room swimming transport management system pipe;
  3. industrialised water supply: heat coils, chemical plants, pharmaceutical industry, liquid delivery pipes.

> Summary

For your next underfloor heating project, PE-RT pipe work is a quality option to consider. It is an ideal material for use in underfloor heating systems due to its excellent flexibility and good heat resistance, as well as its relatively low cost and low maintenance requirements. Choosing PE-RT piping will bring many advantages to your project.

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