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PE-RT is a medium-density polyethylene produced by a special molecular design and synthesis process. It retains the good flexibility, high thermal conductivity and inertia of PE, and at the same time makes it more pressure resistant. EEJIA pert pipes is corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, low heat loss, energy saving and environmental protection, flexible and easy to bend, good fluid mechanics performance, and long service life.

Wholesale Durable PERT Tube Floor water Heating Pipe polyethylene cheap pert multilayer pipe for hot water

all kinds of pert pipes

High quality 16-32mm Pert Tube Plumbing Underfloor Heating Pipe Durable PEX Pipe,Floor heating systems for homes and public bathrooms .Various colors can be customized according to your request.wholesale factory bulk sale price

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Floor Heating Green Color Pert Pipes

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All types of heating tube customized PERT pipe for floor heating system

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Floor Heating Red Color Pert Pipes

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High Quality PE-xa EVOH Oxygen Barrier PE-RT Pipe for Underfloor Heating

Floor Heating Blue Color Pert Pipes

MOQ:500 M / Each size

why choose EEJIA Pert Pipe?

1>Select Korea LG,SK raw materials

Efficiently improve the anti-aging effect of pipelines

High quality PE raw material effectively improves the anti-aging ability of pipes. Food-grade raw materials make your living water more green, healthy and natural. Provide a strong protective barrier for you and your family’s daily life.

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2>Professional mold development ability

Firm control of every step in the production of the product

Any size and shape you want, we can arrange professional masters to match with you and help you solve the problems in construction. Meanwhile, the strong mould development ability helps you win the market opportunity and earn the most lucrative profit. Come to customise your own logo brand pert pipe and fittings!

get your brand pipe

3>Strictly implement EU certified production standards

High standard production process line

All products are CE certified. Passed the following tests in the laboratory, high temperature and high pressure tests, (can reach 95° high temperature.) 365 days Static pressure test, etc. For more test results, please contact us for more information.

EEJIA pert pipes and fittings Specifications

Comparison table of international common sizes and Chinese standards

Diameter: 16MM 20MM 25MM 32MM 

Inch :1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch 1 1/4 inch

EEJIA pert pipes and fittings Customization process

Convenient, fast and prompt, get customized samples within 5 steps

  1. Customized mold, about 10- 20 days. laser marking logo within 7 days.
  2. Communicate requirements, dimensions and material, confirm the cost.
  3. Custom design, according to the requirements of the design, and then photographed or videotaped for your confirmation.

  4. Payment of deposit and arrangement of production。
  5. photo and video call for goods checking before delivery.
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pert pipes Application field

More flexible than ordinary ppr pipes and easier to install

  • floor heating systems for homes and public bathrooms.
  • Piping for domestic water heater systems and various connecting pipes.
  • Radiator heating, centralized heating system for civil houses.
  • Cold and hot water supply for buildings.

Pert pipes are corrosion-resistant, non-scaling, small in heat loss, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, flexible and easy to bend. It also has good fluid mechanics performance and a long service life. From the perspective of the later maintenance of the pipe, the PE-RT pipe should be cleaned for three years, because there will be sludge and scaling in the pipe if it is placed for a period of time.

Choosing the right tube for different temperatures

Low temperature water supply to high temperature heating

1> Long-term continuous use temperature <70℃, optional PN=1.25;
2>Long-term continuous use of temperature ≥ 70 ℃, and may be a longer period of time in the higher temperature operation, optional PN = 2.0;
3> for cold water (≤ 40 ℃) system, selection of P.N 1.0 ~ 1.6MPa pipe, pipe fittings.

Unique structure design, resulting in high flexibility and high thermal conductivity of the eEJIA pert pipe.

Comfortable heating, healthy and green

Underfloor Heating Room Five layers Special Sale Top White Pexa Evoh Pipe

PERT Pipes Characteristics

  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Smooth inner wall, not easy to scale
  • Good chemical corrosion resistance, long service life
  • Good heat dissipation performance, thermal conductivity of 0.4wt/m
  • Good environmental adaptability, excellent anti-scratch expansion performance
  • Under normal use conditions, the pipeline can be used safely for 50 years.
  • Small internal friction loss, the pipeline’s ability to transport fluids than the same diameter metal pipe 30% larger.
  • Good flexibility, its bending radius can be as small as 5 times of the outer diameter of the pipe, making it convenient and economical to lay.

Pert pipes uses multi-layer co-extrusion technology, each layer thickness is uniform, not easy to delamination. At the same time, EVOH is used as the oxygen barrier layer, which can effectively prevent oxygen from penetrating into the pipeline. The oxygen permeability is lower than the standard requirement, which effectively reduces the corrosion of metal equipment.

It retains the good flexibility, high thermal conductivity and inertia of polyethylene, while making it more resistant to pressure. It adopts medium-density polyethylene to retain the good flexibility, high thermal conductivity and inertia of PE, while making it better resistant to pressure, the pipe is corrosion-resistant, not easy to be scaled, with small heat loss, energy-saving and green, flexible and easy to be bent, with good hydrodynamic properties, and with a long service life.

What are the advantages of PE-RT underfloor heating pipes? Why choose PE-RT pipes for heating?

True Oxygen Resistance More peace of mind

  • Heat and pressure resistance:Underfloor heating pipe has good long-term thermal stability and can be used as a long-term delivery pipe for hot water with strong heat dissipation. It can quickly transfer the heat inside the pipe to the outside space, thus realising effective indoor heating, and can operate for a long time under standard construction conditions at water temperature below 60°C and 0.4Mpa working pressure.
  • Convenient construction:Underfloor heating pipe has high flexibility, at the same time, in the bending state, its external stress can be quickly relaxed, basically will not be damaged due to stress concentration in the bending part.
  • High corrosion resistance:EVOH oxygen barrier layer is reliably embedded into the middle of the PE-RT pipe wall, so that it will not be damaged by friction and contact with other substances and dissolved, the maximum protection of the oxygen barrier performance of the pipeline to effectively slow down the corrosion of the metal parts of the system to extend the service life of the metal parts, and to inhibit the survival of micro-organisms in the system to reduce the scaling of the pipeline system, reducing the system’s maintenance costs.


  • The tubes cannot be heat fused, and if they are damaged, they must be connected with specialised fittings.

In China, the PERT floor heating pipe technology can be said to have been very perfect, PERT floor heating pipe is made of butadiene monomer and octene monomer copolymer, is specially designed for the heating of the pipeline, PERT floor heating pipe preserves the advantages of environmental health of PE, can reduce the pollution of the environment as well as the advantages of the processing, and at the same time improve the high temperature and durability, is a new type of heat-resistant pipe. 

Why install underfloor heating Pert pipes?

Gain a lasting warmth on a cold winter’s day

  1. Healthy and comfortable, because underfloor heating makes the indoor surface temperature uniform, giving people a comfortable feeling of warm feet and cool head, improving blood circulation and promoting metabolism.
  2. High efficiency and energy saving, underfloor heating makes the heat concentrated in the height that the human body can benefit from, and the loss of heat in the process of transmission is small. Moreover, low-temperature radiant floor heating can be controlled by layers, households and rooms, so that users can control it individually according to the situation and save energy effectively.
  3. Beautify the living room, indoor can not install the heater and its pipeline, you can make more space to facilitate the decoration and home furnishings, and reduce the health dead ends.
  4. Good thermal stability, because the ground layer and concrete layer heat storage, so the thermal stability of floor heating is good, and in the intermittent heating conditions, the indoor temperature changes slowly.
  5.  Long service life, floor heating PERT pipe buried in the ground, good stability, non-corrosive, unmanned destruction, long service life, but also saves the maintenance and replacement costs.

we care about the healthy & quality

EEJIA Bring you better quality of life and protection

Raw material selection to quality control are strictly controlled, so that every promise has practical technical support. Protect the health and safety of you and your family.
Dedicated to serving all household water supply systems worldwide, the products are available in a wide range of calibres.In the selection of raw materials, all the world’s high-quality raw materials are used, PPR for Feather high-density raw materials;The metal parts are made of CW617N European standard environmental protection copper.

Easy installation Reliable connection

Higher pressure and less deformation

High-quality raw materials, safe and hygienic

Energy saving, environmental protection and health

Improved anti-bacterial and self-purification performance

Hard texture Not easy to deteriorate

Guaranteed quality for 50 years

EU Export Permit Certification

Easy and fast maintenance

Designed for hot and cold water circulation systems

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