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is ppr water pipes safe for drinking water

In the process of home decoration, choosing the right water pipes is crucial to ensure the safety and quality of drinking water. Currently there are a variety of water pipe materials on the market, such as PVC pipe, PE pipe, PP-R pipe and so on. So, what kind of water pipe should be used for drinking water in home decoration in the end?

PP-R water pipes is a new type of water pipe material, with excellent high temperature and pressure resistance, and will not release harmful substances, in terms of durability and safety is better than pvc and PE pipe, is a good choice.

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PPR water pipes is a new type of water pipe material, its main raw material is polypropylene, this material itself is non-toxic and hygienic, in line with the drinking water standards.PPR water pipes inside the smooth wall, can effectively reduce the adherence of the dirt, to avoid the water quality is contaminated, to ensure that the family water safety and health.

In addition, PPR water pipes in the production process to add a variety of additives, but the moulding can still meet the national environmental standards, so it can be used to transport drinking water.PPR water pipes connection is tight, the use of hot-melt connection, can effectively avoid the glue brought about by the contamination, at the same time, its seepage-proof sex is also better!

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> why ppr water pipes is safe for drinking water?

  1. First of all, safety, PPR water pipes is made of polypropylene material, this material itself is non-toxic and odourless, and will not harm human health.PPR water pipes in the production process strictly control the use of raw materials and additives to ensure that the pipe complies with national environmental standards and health requirements. In addition, the inner wall of PPR pipes is smooth and not easy to accumulate dirt, which can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and dirt, thus ensuring the safety of drinking water.
  2. Secondly, service life, PPR water pipes has a long service life. Generally speaking, the service life of PPR water pipescan reach about 50 years, which is mainly due to its excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging properties.PPR water pipescan resist the erosion of chemicals in the water, long-term use is not easy to deformation or aging, which ensures the stability and reliability of the water supply system.
  3. Finally, in terms of material properties, PPR water pipes has excellent physical and chemical properties. It has high strength and toughness and can withstand certain pressure and impact. At the same time, PPR water pipes also has good thermal insulation properties, which can reduce heat loss and improve the energy efficiency of the water supply system. In addition, PPR pipe has good processing performance, which is convenient for construction and installation.


  • PPR water pipes also has some non-negligible disadvantages, long-term working temperature can not exceed 70 ℃, the length of each section is limited and can not be bent construction. Therefore, when choosing and using PPR pipe, you need to make comprehensive consideration according to the actual needs and conditions.

> Summary

PPR water pipes are ideally suited for use in potable water systems as they demonstrate good performance in terms of safety, longevity and material properties. Please note, however, that when using PPR pipes, the relevant installation and use codes should be followed to ensure that their performance and safety are fully utilised.

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