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The clamping part uses a stainless steel thin-walled ring sleeve. With the help of clamping pliers, the pipe and the O-ring are fully contacted without gaps. There are three sections of serrated ring grooves on the core to form a three-stage labyrinth seal structure to enhance the sealing effect. Double O-ring seals are used to form two seals after connection. When heat expands and cold contracts, the seal ring will automatically rebound and seal, which is not easy to leak.

PEX Brass Compression Fittings 16-32mm Brass Pex-al-PEX Pipe Fittings For Floor Heating Pipe

all kinds of Brass press Fittings

High quality 16-32mm Pex-AL-Pex Tube Brass press Fittings.Snap-on copper fittings, three-stage labyrinth sealing structure, serrated ring groove, to strengthen the sealing effect; the use of stainless steel thin-walled ring sleeve, the pipe and O-ring full contact without gap, easy to install, multi-scenario applicable.wholesale factory bulk sale price

Brass Press Pipe Fitting Equal Straight Union Coupling Fitting For Pert Pipes

Brass Press Equal Straight Union

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

brass press fitting straight union 20" press fitting for PEX-AL-PEX water pipes fittings

Brass Press Reduce Straight Union

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

High Standard WATERMARK WRAS Fitting Pex Multilayer Plumbing Tube Fitting Brass Press Female Union Fitting

Brass Press Female Union

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

Pex Pipe Fittings Brass Press Pipe Fitting male Thread Union Adapter Fittings

Brass Press Male Union

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

High Pressure Brass Press PEX Fittings 20-63mm Equal Tee Socket Elbow PEX Pipe Fittings

Brass Press Equal Elbow

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

Brass Press Pipe Fitting Female Thread Elbow For Pex Al Pex Hot Water Floor Heating Pipes

Brass Press Female Elbow

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

Brass Press Pipe Fitting Male Thread Elbow For Pex Al Pex Hot Water Floor Heating Pipes

Brass Press Male Elbow

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

Brass Press Pipe Fitting Female Thread Drop Ear Elbow For Pex Al Pex Hot Water Floor Heating Pipes Female Seated Elbow

Brass Press Female Seated Elbow

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

High Standard WATERMARK WRAS Fitting Pex Multilayer Plumbing Tube Fitting Brass Press Reduced Tee Fitting

Brass Press Reduce Tee

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

Wholesale Brass Plumbing Fittings Elbow Nipple Tee Pex Press Fittings Brass Press Fittings For Pex

Brass Press Female Tee

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

Male Copper Aluminum Plumbing Materials Press Tee Brass Gas Fittings

Brass Press Male Tee

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

Press Brass Fitting U Type Plug Aenor Wras Skz Watermark Acs Cstb Certificate Pex Al Pex Fitting

Brass Press Plug

MOQ:500 Pcs / Each size

why choose EEJIA Brass Press Fittings?

1>Select CW617N European Standard Environmental Copper

healthy and environmentally friendly

Copper has antibacterial, bactericidal ability, can kill more than 99% of the bacteria in the water system, copper ions and the human body is an indispensable trace element. all the EEJIA brass press fittings can be used the CW617N European Standard Environmental Copper.

Factory Manufacturer Multilayer Pex Pipe Fittings Elbow Tee Plumbing Pex Fitting Brass Compression Fittings

2>Professional mold development ability

Firm control of every step in the production of the product

Any size and shape you want, we can arrange professional masters to match with you and help you solve the problems in construction. Meanwhile, the strong mould development ability helps you win the market opportunity and earn the most lucrative profit. Come to customise your own logo brand pert pipe and brass press fittings!

get your brand pipe & fittings

3>Strictly implement EU certified production standards

High standard production process line

All products are CE certified. Passed the following laboratory tests: chemical composition analysis, dimensional testing, metallographic analysis, mechanical properties testing, corrosion resistance testing, non-destructive testing, appearance testing.

EEJIA Brass Press Fittings Specifications

Comparison table of international common sizes and Chinese standards

Diameter: 14MM 16MM 18MM 20MM 25MM 26MM 32MM 40MM 50MM 63MM

Inch :1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch 1 1/4 inch

EEJIA Brass Press Fittings Customization process

Convenient, fast and prompt, get customized samples within 5 steps

  1. Customized mold, about 10- 20 days. laser marking logo within 7 days.
  2. Communicate requirements, dimensions and material, confirm the cost.
  3. Custom design, according to the requirements of the design, and then photographed or videotaped for your confirmation.

  4. Payment of deposit and arrangement of production.
  5. photo and video call for goods checking before delivery.
High Quality Plastic PEX Tubes PEX Water Pipe 16mm 32mm PEX Pipe for Hot Water

pex-AL-pex pipe & Brass Press Fittings Application field

More flexible than ordinary ppr pipes and easier to install

  • Domestic water, condensed water, oxygen, compressed air
  • Other chemical liquid pipelines
  • Hot water and heating pipeline system
  • Transport natural gas, liquefied gas, gas pipeline system

Aluminium-plastic pipe inner and outer layers are polyethylene, the middle aluminium layer of light weight, long life, can be used for a long time under 95 degrees, good toughness of the pipe, easy to bend, reduce the number of joints, easy to install.

Aluminium-plastic pipes & Fittings connection method

  • Brass Compression Fittings requires no special tools and can be connected with a spanner.Convenient construction.
  • Brass Press Fittings utilise Attach the pressure tool will pipe and fitting core body crimped into a whole. Realise the connection, reliable connection, wide range of applications, slip tight connection structure relative to the previous pipe fittings more compact, reliable connection, fast installation.

Brass press fittings, common isometric and reducer direct, isometric elbow, isometric tee, they are made of 58 brass, the core is equipped with three segments of serrated ring grooves, forming a three-stage labyrinth closed structure to strengthen the sealing effect.

EEJIA brass press fittings - Use of stainless steel thin-walled rings Tubing and O-rings in full contact without gaps, double sealing ring automatic rebound sealing, not easy to leak.

easy & simple to operate & install

The Brass Press Fittings Characteristics

  • Easy to install: The brass press fittings can be installed by following the installation steps and special compression tools. Compared with the installation of ppr fittings saves a lot of time for installation.
  • Strong sealing: the structure and installation of the clamping type fittings ensure the airtightness and sealing of the connection, even in the high-pressure and high-temperature working environment can also work stably
  • Safe and Reliable:Reliable metal sealing can effectively prevent leakage problems, pipe and fittings, stable connection, not easy to loose. Ensure the safety and stability of the piping system.

Disadvantages of the Brass press Fittings

  • Brass Press fittings can not be disassembled after installation and compression, poor tolerance, and later in the maintenance, but also more troublesome.

The Biggest Difference Between press Fittings and compression Fittings

Press fittings are a commonly used pipe connection, consisting of pipes and Press fittings. The Press fittings include components such as sealing rubber rings, clamps, and nuts. The principle of operation is to use the bite ring embedded in the outer wall of the pipe, and through the clamp to press the bite ring, so as to achieve the pipe connection. Press fittings are suitable for smaller pipe diameter connections, such as household water pipes and gas pipes.

Compression fittings are also a type of pipe connection that consists of pipe and tubing fittings. Compression fittings include components such as sleeves and clamps. Compression fittings works by using a clamp to compress the tubing to form a seal, thus making the pipe connection. Compression fitting is suitable for pipe connections with large diameters, such as water supply, drainage and other piping systems.

Press fittings and compress fittings are both fittings for aluminium-plastic pipe connections, and the difference is mainly in the following aspects:

  1. Different scope of application: the press fittings are suitable for smaller pipe connections, while the compression fittings are suitable for pipe connections with larger diameters.
  2. Different connection methods: the press fittings connect the pipes through the biting ring and the clamp, while the compression fittings connect the pipes through the sleeve and the clamp.
  3.  Different degree of tightness: the bite ring of the press fittings can be more tightly embedded in the outer wall of the pipe to achieve better sealing effect, while the compression fittings need the cooperation of the sleeve and the clamp, and its degree of tightness is relatively low.
  4. Different structure: compression fitting has simple structure, strong ability to withstand pressure and tension, and is suitable for occasions with high pressure and flow requirements; while press fittings have the advantages of small size, light weight, etc., and are a quick and easy connection.

Why brass press fittings should be plated

Plating of brass press fittings can form a layer of external cladding on its surface, which can improve the performance of brass press fittings, but also make brass press fittings more advantageous relative to other materials(stainless steel). brass press fittings plating role mainly has:

  1. Anti-corrosion and wear-resistant: plating can form a layer of film, play the role of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, can extend the life of brass press fittings.
  2. Electro-oxidation: Plating can form a layer of extremely hard oxide layer on the surface of copper, which can withstand high temperature and high pressure, so that the corrosion resistance of brass press fittings can be improved.
  3. Aesthetics: Plating gives the surface of press fitting a beautiful colour and even luster.It matches the colour of the stainless steel sleeve.

Depending on the usage scenario, you can choose aluminium-plastic tubes that are more suitable for the application scenario

Easy fast to use, good fleible, installation quickly.

High Quality OEM Plastic Water Gas Tubes Floor Heating Pipes Multilayer Composite PEX Tubing PEX Al PEX Pipe Gas Pipe

we care about the healthy & quality

EEJIA Bring you better quality of life and protection

Raw material selection to quality control are strictly controlled, so that every promise has practical technical support. Protect the health and safety of you and your family.
Dedicated to serving all household water supply systems worldwide, the products are available in a wide range of calibres.In the selection of raw materials, all the world’s high-quality raw materials are used, PPR for Feather high-density raw materials;The metal parts are made of CW617N European standard environmental protection copper.

Easy installation Reliable connection

Higher pressure and less deformation

High-quality raw materials, safe and hygienic

Energy saving, environmental protection and health

Improved anti-bacterial and self-purification performance

Hard texture Not easy to deteriorate

Guaranteed quality for 50 years

EU Export Permit Certification

Easy and fast maintenance

Designed for hot and cold water circulation systems

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