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2024 Home-Use PPR Pipe Purchase Guide

2024 home-use ppr pipe purchase guide: preferred household plumbing brands, PPR water pipe analysis, hot and cold water pipe recommended [home plumbing brand selection] – Continuously updated

This article is an in-depth discussion of home plumbing content, if your home is planning to carry out renovation, and faced with the decision to purchase water pipes, then this article will provide you with valuable reference and guidance, this article is mainly based on the investigation and analysis of the PPR pipeline, and therefore the main content of the latter will be based on the PPR pipe!

2024 Home Use PPR Pipe Purchase Guide

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1. Which plumbing pipes are used for home improvement?

It is important to be careful when selecting water pipes, as poor quality water pipes may bring about serious problems such as leakage and bursting, and once this happens, the consequences will far exceed the initial investment. Currently on the market water pipe is mainly divided into two categories: water pipe and drainage pipe. From the material point of view, including stainless steel pipe, galvanised pipe, copper pipe, UPVC pipe and PPR pipe and other options. Among them, PPR pipe has become the first choice for many families due to its wide range of applications and high cost-effectiveness.

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1.1 Water supply pipes

Water supply pipe:

  • mainly used for home water intake, the current market is common is the PPR water intake pipe, this kind of water pipe environmental protection, high temperature resistance, strong pressure resistance.

ppr water pipe according to the function to come up, said to be divided into two kinds of

1.2 Water drainage pipes

In drainage systems, the standards for pressure capacity and environmental requirements are relatively low. There are two main types of common drainage pipes, one is UPVC pipe and the other is cast iron pipe.

2. When shopping for water pipe, we need to consider several key elements:

Famous Brands in Europe:

  • Wefatherm
  • Aquatherm
  • Prodaily

Famous Brands in Turkey:

  • Pilsa

Famous Brands in China:


2.1 Pipes and fittings of the same brand as far as possible

When carrying out plumbing renovation, it usually involves the purchase of water pipes and their related accessories. If different brands of materials are used, compatibility issues may lead to accidents during the installation process, such as failure to match the installation of parts and accessories, or leakage and other safety hazards. Therefore, it is recommended to try to maintain the brand consistency of the water pipe and its accessories to ensure smooth installation and safety of use!

To ensure smooth installation and avoid potential problems, if conditions permit, it is recommended to choose a complete PPR plumbing system of the same brand, including various fittings such as sleeves, elbows, female and male wires, tees, fittings, plugs, up to valves, as well as S-bends, P-bends and round bends. Doing so ensures compatibility between components and overall system reliability.

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2.2 Prioritise brands with good after-sales service close to home

When choosing a plumbing brand, it is important to consider whether the brand has enough after-sales service outlets near your living area. If the brand has more after-sales outlets, it can ensure the provision of more timely and efficient after-sales service, including the acceptance of water pipes, water circuit diagrams and so on. Such a brand is more advantageous in terms of service quality and convenience than a brand with fewer after-sales outlets.

3. How to choose PPR water pipe, single layer or double layer?

When we pick PPR water pipes, we usually prioritise ppr pipes that are made of double-layer materials with antibacterial and heat-resistant properties. This material not only has superior performance, but also performs well in practice

Here is a simple tip to determine the quality of PPR water pipes, touch the inner wall of the pipe with your hand. If the inner wall feels smooth and delicate, it means that the water pipe is of high quality, as it does not easily accumulate dirt and bacteria, thus ensuring clean and safe water.

3.1 Characteristics of PPR water pipes

PPR water pipes are favoured for their excellent environmental performance, strong corrosion resistance and a service life of up to 50 years or more. In addition, it is not easy to accumulate dirt, ensuring clean water. In terms of price, PPR water pipes also show a very high cost-effective, these factors together, making PPR water pipes become a priority choice.

3.2 PPR pipe colour selection

PPR water pipes, there are superb distinctions in terms of colours, but the mainstream ones are two, one is white and the other is green.

  • Green PPR pipes: mainly for cold water pipes
  • White PPR pipes: mainly used as hot water pipes.

When the water pipes need to be exposed to the external environment, it is recommended to choose green PPR water pipes as they are less likely to harbour bacteria and help to keep the water clean as compared to white PPR water pipes.

In addition, when choosing hot and cold water pipes, it is recommended that hot water pipes be used uniformly. Although they have the same diameter, hot water pipes have thicker walls and can withstand higher pressures and temperatures, thus ensuring safe and long-lasting pipework!

3.3 Single or double PPR water pipes?

1.Single-layer PPR water pipe: it is a single layer of PPR pipe.

2.Double-layer PPR water pipes: outer PPR layer + inner antimicrobial layer.

Double-layer PPR pipe in high temperature resistance to much lower (water temperature will be higher than 75 ℃, then you can not use double-layer PPR pipe;, so in the selection of often in accordance with the following way to choose:

  • Cold water pipes: with double-layer PPR water pipes
  • Hot water pipes: with single-layer PPR water pipes

4.Tips: what are the tips for buying ppr water pipes?

  1.  in the installation of water pipe is best to go, the top does not go to the ground, the installation cost is higher, but in the maintenance and detection will be much more convenient.
  2.  water supply pipe generally use PPR hot melt pipe, sealing good construction fast.
  3.  if you have the conditions, you can try to go to the building materials market to see more, more contrast.
  4. water pipes and fittings try to buy the same brand in the same shop.
  5.  the whole house decoration can be done with hot water pipe, pipe wall is thicker, while pressure resistance is also strong. (Note: hot water pipe can be used instead of cold water pipe, but cold water pipe can not be used instead of hot water pipe.)
  6. water pipe can look at the cross-section and the inner wall is smooth, smooth will be better. You can also use a lighter to burn, a lot of black smoke this is a poor quality product.
  7.  try to choose a well-known local brands, in the after-sales service will become much better, do not blindly choose foreign imports.

5. Selected Chinese brands of ppr pipes recommendations

Lesso PPR pipe (Recommended)

The leading enterprise in the plastic pipe industry, enjoys high popularity in China, and occupies a high market share in the plastic pipe piece, which is higher than the brands such as Rifeng and Weixing. At present, there are 26 production bases in the world, the largest scale is certainly in the country, productivity is also very strong, including Siemens sockets have a part of the United Plastics OEM. The proportion of PVC pipes of Lian plastic will be larger, PPR water pipe is not bad, there are many in the category.PPR in the overall pressure resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance are obvious, can withstand high temperature up to 95 degrees.

Pros: reliable and stable quality, high production
Cons: Slightly higher price, not enough value for money

EEJIA PPR pipe (Recommended)

Zhejiang Universal FengHe Plastic Industry co., ltd.one of the top ten brands in China’s pipe industry. As the most valuable manufacturer of PPR water pipe, Pex aluminium-plastic pipe, PERT floor heating pipe. With more than 1,000 partners, the sales network covers more than 30 provinces and cities in China and supports localised service.

Pros: Competitive price, food-grade raw materials, environmentally friendly and odourless. Complete range of pipe fittings, one-stop shopping.
Cons: Weak brand influence and after-sales capability

KINGBULL PPR pipe (Recommended)

 the brand was founded in 2001 belongs to Jiangsu brand, is one of the top ten brands in China’s pipe industry. Its PPR pipe mainly highlights the cost-effective will be higher, if you are in the plumbing business, you can consider the Jinniu ppr pipe!

Pros: Competitive price
Cons: Weak brand influence and low visibility abroad

RIFENG PPR pipe (Recommended)

Rifeng brand is also very good, the brand in 2007 began production of PPR pipe, PVC and other types of pipe, PPR pipe classification is also relatively Department, at present there are: antibacterial pipe, double-layer pipe, single-layer pipe, these three kinds of details including the details are in line with international standards, in the durability is also very outstanding, in the price-performance ratio is better than other brands.

Pros: Good flame retardancy. Easy to install. Long service life
Cons: Overpriced and not enough value for money

VASEN PPR pipe (Recommended)

VASEN, also belongs to China’s plastic pipe industry, one of the big enterprises, and its PPR pipe in the comprehensive quality is also very high, the plastic pipe is the core product, in addition to the pre-filter, floor drains, shower fittings are also belong to its quality products.

Pros: High-quality products and a wide range of product lines
Cons:Pipe material is relatively hard.Insufficient flexibility.Easy to age when installed outdoors

> Summary

For consumers, choosing a local PPR Pipes brand can ensure you get a comprehensive and quality after-sales service experience. If you are a retailer, wholesaler or a professional involved in the PPR piping business, I strongly recommend that you prioritise PPR piping products from China. China has a complete and advanced supply chain and production line, which can provide high quality piping products at competitive prices to meet your needs, ensuring you a satisfactory transaction experience.

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